So, back to the wedding! Our engagement dinner

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I was so wrapped up in work and wedding planning that I completely set the blog aside, but now that work is getting a little slower and I have a little bit of extra time for my own personal projects, let’s get back to the wedding-planning blogging part of my agenda.

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What to wear? A style guide for the 2013-2014 wedding season

Wedding season is here! That means that your social calendar is full not only weddings, but bridal showers, engagement parties, bachelorettes, you name it! Somedays even two or three events booked in your agenda. You already know what to wear for the wedding, but planning what to wear on prenuptial events can be a headache, so take note! These tips are helpfull wheather you are the bride, a bridesmaid, family or just a guest.

¡Comenzó la temporada de bodas! Eso quiere decir que tu agenda social está llena no solamente de enlaces nupciales, sino también de showers, despedidas de soltera, peticiones de mano, etc. En ocasiones, hasta dos o tres compromisos en un mismo día. Ya tienes tu vestido para la boda, pero planear qué ponerte en los eventos prenupciales puede llegar a ser un dolor de cabeza, así que te recomendamos tomes nota, seas tú la novia, familiar o una invitada.


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