para ella accesorios

para ella accesorios


An ode to my Butt!

I just saw this little jewel on this super cool blog London Moore: Beauty and I just had to re-post it!

I was blessed with with an hourglass figure (thanks, mom!) with a big, round butt and big, meaty thighs (thanks, mom!). Yes, I call my thighs “big, meaty thighs” and I call my butt my “badonk”. I feel awkward wearing short shorts and I envy girls with long, skinny thighs that don’t rub against each other when they walk. I can eat like there’s no tomorrow and hardly gain weight, but whenever I do, it’s my butt and thighs the ones who suck all those extra Twinkies in them. And, as you grow older (I’m close to my 30┬┤s), cellulite, stretch marks, and jiggle are the norm. But…

At this point in my life, I am done with complaining about what God gave me! So hurray for big badonks and hurray for big, meaty thighs! Girls, learn to live with what God AND your momma gave you, embrace your “trouble spots” and learn to love them.

When I saw the girl in the picture, I saw myself and reflected how beautiful she is. My thighs arch on the front side of my legs just like hers and even though I’m a size 4, I need to buy large bikini bottoms so that they don’t ride up and show my cheeks. Yes, I wish I had amazing, slim thighs, but you know what? I look effing amazing in jeans and short skirts. So thanks, Nike!

And yes, do work out and tighten up the jiggle. You won’t change how body is, but you will feel much more comfortable and less conscious about how you look. But don’t do it for anyone but yourself! Amen!

And, to prove that I love “Badonk”, “Thunder”, and “Thigh”, here’s a picture of them looking fab in a mullet skirt. ­čśë