Get the upcoming Resort 2015 trends right now



Like every year, the resort collections by the most renowned fashion houses arrive at the end of fall. Too long for some of us! Here’s a little peek of the biggest trends that you can start wearing right now during the Summer.

Como cada año, las colecciones resort de las más reconocidas casas de moda llega a las tiendas siempre a finales de otoño, pero nunca está de más adelantarse un poquito y conocer cuales serán las tendencias más fuertes que podemos ir luciendo ya. Presentamos los looks que puedes ir imitando en esta temporada de intenso calor.

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Holiday shopping trip to Paris? You might wanna read this…

Shopping by Paris 2014: Good Deals from the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau!

Thanks to the yearly edition of “Shopping by Paris”, an event organized by the Paris CVB, the city of light is turned into shopping heaven. As if it already couldn’t get any better for us shopaholics, since Paris is the undesputible fashion capital.  Holiday festivities will be even more exciting for globe trotters who also have a need for some retail therapy.

Gracias a la edición anual del evento “Shopping by Paris”, organizado por la Oficina de Convenciones y Atención a Visitantes de Paris, la ciudad de la luz, capital indiscutible de la moda, es transformada en el Edén del shopping. La temporada navideña se ha convertido aún más interesante para los globe trotters que aman las compras.

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Louis Vuitton’s new LockIt Collection


Want something a little more “now” for Valentine’s? Louis Vuitton has launched a fabulous fine jewellery collection for 2013. The LV Lockit is a 15-piece collection inspired on a romantinc legend that says that in order to have their love sealed forever, couples must attach a padlock to a bridge and throw the keys into the water. This is very popular in Paris, at the Pont des Arts Bridge over the Sienna. (Much more romantic than getting engaged under the Eiffel Tower, I say! 🙂 )


(picture taken from

Eighteen carat yellow, rose and grey gold were used to create the bracelets, pendants and rings in the collection. The trademark padlock, also seen in LV’s fall 2011 runway collection, is inscribed with the ubiquitous LV logo. If you like bling and you’re willing to spend a little more, some of the pieces are bejeweled with beautiful double bands of pavé diamonds. While some of the padlocks serve as pure ornament, the one’s in the bracelets are beautiful clasps.

The collection is available at Louis Vuitton worldwide and it was launched just in time for Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air! ♥

Take a look:


Louis Vuitton Lock Me Pendant Necklace

Oldie but goodie! How cute is this little heart-shaped pendant necklace as a Valentine’s Day gift?


Part of LV‘s 2012 Lock Me collection, it’s crafted on gold metal and resin, available in colors (Amarante, Ecaille, Black and Pomme d’Amor). The pendant is decorated with a LV signature S-lock accent piece in gold metal, with a Monogram flower key that dangles along with the pendant. Is there a better way your boyfriend/husband/lover/it’scomplicated could show you how much he loves you?

VDay is less than a month away, so hint away! 😉

Other items from the Lock Me collection:


Sorry for being M.I.A. …. :(

Lo has been absent for the past few months and wants to apologize. My life gave a huge 180° turn (if that is even possible!) the last four months and it’s been hard to keep on track with my posts! Left beautiful San Francisco and moved back home to Mexico and had a hard time settling in. But when one has a positive attitude towards life and a good support system, everything turns back to positive in no time, and a month ago, I found an amazing job as the head of marketing for a local newspaper, and I continued to collaborate on the side with my old job.

And as if getting back to a stable job in media and freelancing for magazines wasn’t good enough, a great guy appeared in my life and everything just clicked. I’m extremely happy growing professionally, surrounded with my closest friends on the side, and a cute guy by my side like a cherry on top! The only downside? No time for getLoWorld!

Once things at work calm down a little at work (October, November, and December are the busiest months, event-wise) I will have much more time to dedicate to this personal project of mine that I love so much. I do promise to post as much as possible, even during lunch breaks. 😉

Right now I leave you with some of my fashion styling work I’ve been doing for Be Live Magazine, which you should definitely check out! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and on my Facebook Page!

Fashion essentials: Basic Pieces for Every Closet

One usually wonders what the fashion essentials one should have in the closet. Jeans and a white T-shirt? A pair of black Chucks? Yes, those would go on any girl’s list of every-day basics. Honestly, what you consider as your wardrobe basics depends on your personal style. Still, I found a really nice pin that made me evaluate what I would consider to be my personal fashion essentials, so I decided to make my own pin, not only thinking about my style but also thinking a little bit on what an average girl like me would wear.

So, if you are considering spending some cash on retail therapy, my advice is always to save on the trends and invest on good basics. Here are the can’t-live-without items that should be in every closet:
Fashion Basics
Regarding outerwear, we all need a cute cardigan in any color (I chose coral because I actually own one and I wear it with everything), a jean jacket (very right now) and a black blazer. These three will get you through the cold season, unless you live in Boston, then you need more layers. 😉
I love cute, colorful tops, but I do understand that a white tailored shirt goes with everything. Don’t forget tank tops for layering or as a great clean canvas for statement necklaces or other accessories. And every girl needs a statement T-shirt she could wear with sweat pants or with cool jeans and pumps. I personally like band T-Shirts.
Basic blue jeans are a no-brainer, I can’t live without my skinnies, but you should work with the cut that fits your body best, and black pants are ideal for work or any formal occasion. And of course, the LBD is a must! I cannot live without my summer dresses; they are my go-to option when want to feel comfortable and cute. 🙂
I cannot life without my huge purses, one in black and one in brown. I can’t afford an LV right now, but it would be a great addition to my purse closet since that cute monogram goes with everything, frankly. Choose the purse size according to what is more practical for you. I carry EVERYTHING, so I need huge handbags.
Belts are easy, one in black and one in brown. The width of the belt depends on your frame, choose wisely! And regarding shoes, flats in a neutral shade, like gray, to go with everything. You cannot live without black pumps, obviously, and a pair of cute sandals for the warm weather or beach days. I am not a huge fan of high heels, so I like my boots flat, since I wear them for walking!
If you are considering a closet re-vamp, these items are a great idea to start from. They never go out of style, so you can’t go wrong. They are the base of your closet, so once you include all these, spend some extra $$$ on trendier clothing items. Shop away!

Warehouse black maxi dress
$100 –

Valentino spaghetti strap tank top
$375 –

Splendid top
$155 –

James Perse slim fit shirt
$85 –

Warehouse tuxedo blazer
$63 –

Black wide leg pants
$245 –

BP. braided sandals

Louis Vuitton satchel handbag

Pieces slim belt
$12 –