Happy Thanksgiving!


Found these cuties on Pinterest! Keep calm and gobble gobble!


Starbucks 2013 Holiday Flavors


The newspaper where I work at, Expreso, loves to spoil its readers, and that’s why the Marketing department and Social Event (me!) together with Starbucks Starbucks organized a very informative and delicious meeting to launch the Holiday 2013 coffee flavors.

Expreso, el periódico donde trabajo, disfruta consentir a sus lectores y por eso el área de mercadotecnia y la sección Social (yo ;)) organizó junto con Starbucks una informativa y muy sabrosa degustación de los sabores de temporada navideña 2013. 

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Exponen su trabajo fotográfico en La Blonde

Graciela Mazon, Juan Carlos Lam and John Carlos Coppel showed their great talent behind the camara lens in an exhibition of their work held in the lounge terrace of bar La Blonde, with their friends, family and art lovers as guests.

Mostraron su talento tras la lente Graciela Mazón, Juan Carlos Lam y Juan Carlos Coppel en una exposición de fotografía artística que tuvo lugar en la terraza lounge de La Blonde, acompañados de sus amigos, familiares y amantes del arte.


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Happy birthday, mommy!

Just sharing a few photos of today’s family celebration. My mom will be 51 tomorrow, so we went out and celebrated her birthday at Calafate, an Argentinian-Italian restaurant with to die views of the city and Los Lagos golf course.

Haciendo un poquito de espacio para publicar fotos de la celebración familiar de hoy. Mi mami cumple 51 años mañana así que decidimos salir a consentirla y celebrar en Calafate, un restaurante italo-argentino de-li-cio-so con vistas preciosas de la ciudad y el Club de Golf Los Lagos.

20131110-115356 p.m..jpg

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A sneekpeak of today’s photoshoot…

We have a special coming up this weekend in the newspaper I work for, and it’s all about wedding stuff. We did a special photoshoot with three beautiful socialites and gorgeous wedding gowns from a local boutique. Here’s a little preview!

Este domingo se publicará una sección especial en Periódico Expreso, y será de portada a contraportada especial para novias. Hicimos una sesión de fotos con tres niñas muy lindas conocidas en sociedad luciendo hermosos vestidos de Algo Azul Novias. Aquí un pequeño preview de lo que aparecerá este domingo en “La Boda”…


Here’s to new beginnings…


It’s the last Friday of the year, darling! How exciting is that? Unfortunately for me, I’ll probably spend it cuddling on my couch with a huge warm blanket and a Siamese cat on my lap since I’m still feeling a little bit under the weather, but hey, there’s nothing better than a huge warm blanket and a Siamese cat on your lap when it’s so cold outside (add a delicious cup of Chocolate Abuelita to that picture)!

With 2012 coming to its end, my little hamster has been running inside its wheel and pondering about how much I learned this past year. 2012 was definitely a tough, tough year for me, but on the bright side? I discovered I’m stronger and smarter and that I need more than two hands to count all my blessings.

So what did I learn this year?

  • Never regret anything! If you put all your heart in it and you were 100% sure that you were doing the right thing and you did it true to your beliefs, then go for it!
  • Get rid of the negative people in your life. This year I innocently realized that yes, there is such thing as “bad” people in this world, people who will go out of their way to pretend to be your friend and take advantage of you and people who are so full of envy that will purposely harm you (last one didn’t happen to me directly, thank God!). Yes, I was naive, but I’d rather be known as the kind, generous, happy girl than the bitch who spits poison and treats people like crap.
  • And last but not least, that things DO happen for a reason. I guess you have to experience it yourself to understand that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to believe. After a painful year, I realized I have an AMAZING support system, I found a job that I’m excited to go to every day, and a man that makes me smile constantly.

My resolutions? To give myself some space for my personal projects (sorry, readers!), get rid of my debts and actually try to stick to a healthier lifestyle of more yoga and Pilates and water and less diet coke and late nights.

So smile and be happy, there’s no reason not to! ♥