Getting crafty making accessories

As some of you know, I love to bead! And by beading I mean making accessories with semi-precious stones, crystals, charms, etc. LOL And as you may have noticed, I’ve been away from my blog for quite a few days, and it’s because I needed to send a box back home with some of my personal creations, which are sold at my grandma’s boutique. So I had to put all of my other personal projects aside and start producing bracelets, earrings and necklaces like there’s no tomorrow!

Anyways, I took a pictures of a few of them before they shipped away! I’m considering starting an online business with one-of-a-kind pieces at affordable prices, so if anyone likes anything showed here, comment and I can always ship to your location! ­čśë

These are good-luck bracelets made of opaline glass and glass pearls. They are orange and mint green, but look neon on the photo for some reason, lol. These are my favorite, btw!

These are freshwater pearls and rainbow fluorite, with small glass pearls.

They might look like necklaces, but wrap them around your wrist four times and you have a stack-like set of bracelets, with good luck charms and vivid colors.

Stainless steel, fire-polish glass and lots of pink and hearts.

Braided leather-like bracelets with good luck charms or glass pearls.