Bridal shower mania and tips!


I am happy to say I had the bridal shower of my dreams! Everything looked gorgeous and I did not go past my budget. Lemme tell you a little bit about my experience and hand out some useful info I learned during the event preparation process.

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Let’s start planning the wedding!



Told ya! This blog is going to turn into a wedding planning blog!

¡Les dije! ¡Este se iba a convertir en un blog de bodas!

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I’m getting married!


Yup! After a year and three months of happiness, my boyfriend finally got down on one knee and asked me if I wanted to be his wife! Apparently, this might turn into a wedding blog! Let the wedding craziness begin! LOL

Después de un año y tres meses de felicidad, mi novio se hincó y me preguntó si quería ser su esposa. ¡Todo parece indicar que este blog se convertirá en un blog de boda! ¡Inician los preparativos para el gran día! Jeje…

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