Outfit of the day for Disneyland (I hardly ever post these things, but here it goes!)


What to wear for Disneyland in January? That was my first search on Google after I realized I had no idea what to pack. I know L.A. weather changes constantly, and I’m used to getting dressed for Summer.

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I’m getting married!


Yup! After a year and three months of happiness, my boyfriend finally got down on one knee and asked me if I wanted to be his wife! Apparently, this might turn into a wedding blog! Let the wedding craziness begin! LOL

Después de un año y tres meses de felicidad, mi novio se hincó y me preguntó si quería ser su esposa. ¡Todo parece indicar que este blog se convertirá en un blog de boda! ¡Inician los preparativos para el gran día! Jeje…

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Holiday shopping trip to Paris? You might wanna read this…

Shopping by Paris 2014: Good Deals from the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau!

Thanks to the yearly edition of “Shopping by Paris”, an event organized by the Paris CVB, the city of light is turned into shopping heaven. As if it already couldn’t get any better for us shopaholics, since Paris is the undesputible fashion capital.  Holiday festivities will be even more exciting for globe trotters who also have a need for some retail therapy.

Gracias a la edición anual del evento “Shopping by Paris”, organizado por la Oficina de Convenciones y Atención a Visitantes de Paris, la ciudad de la luz, capital indiscutible de la moda, es transformada en el Edén del shopping. La temporada navideña se ha convertido aún más interesante para los globe trotters que aman las compras.

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Spotlight on – Karma Boutique + Salón


We’ve all been through this situation: you have an event at night and need to go to figure out what to wear and get ready. Hair, makeup, the works. Problem is, you’re in a rush and you barely have time to drive around town finding a new outfit let alone get dolled up. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just find a place where you can chose what to wear and get your hair and makeup done? Just… bam! You’re ready for the big night!

Tienes un evento en la noche y necesitas ir a buscar qué ponerte, y aparte, necesitas buscar dónde arreglarte. Entre tanta vuelta, ¡apenas y vas a tener tiempo! A todas nos ha pasado. ¿No sería maravilloso salir de la boutique no sólo con tu ‘outfit’ listo, sino también con tu peinado y maquillaje?

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Happy birthday, mommy!

Just sharing a few photos of today’s family celebration. My mom will be 51 tomorrow, so we went out and celebrated her birthday at Calafate, an Argentinian-Italian restaurant with to die views of the city and Los Lagos golf course.

Haciendo un poquito de espacio para publicar fotos de la celebración familiar de hoy. Mi mami cumple 51 años mañana así que decidimos salir a consentirla y celebrar en Calafate, un restaurante italo-argentino de-li-cio-so con vistas preciosas de la ciudad y el Club de Golf Los Lagos.

20131110-115356 p.m..jpg

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