John Varvatos Fall/Winter 2014: On the runway and behind the scenes


Continuing with the previous post about the collaboration between John Varvatos and the band KISS, we present the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection of American designer.

Continuando con el post anterior acerca de la colaboración entre John Varvatos y la banda de rock KISS, presentamos la colección Otono/Invierno 2014 del diseñador estadounidense. 

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John Varvatos & Kiss

JV SS14 KISS Single - Full Tagging

KISS and their outrageous clothes, extravagant makeup, stunning concerts and catchy tunes took the world by storm and imposed their style, not only the music industry but also had a great influence in fashion. Nearly after four decades of history, KISS entered the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and the prestigious American designer John Varvatos took this event as the inspiration for the advertising campaign of his Spring 2014 collection.

El grupo de rock KISS y sus escandalosas ropas, maquillaje extravagante, impresionantes conciertos y pegajosas melodías de rock tomaron al mundo por sorpresa y marcaron tendencia, no sólo en el mundo de la música sino también en el de la moda. A casi cuatro décadas de historia, Kiss ingresó al Salón de la Fama de Rock & Roll, y el prestigiado diseñador estadounidense John Varvatos tomó este acontecimiento como inspiración para la campaña publicitaria de su colección Primavera 2014.

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The 2013 MTV VMA’s Best and Worst Dressed


The MTV Video Music Awards are always fun to watch, and always, ALWAYS, controversial, and this year was no exception. At an event where almost everything goes, celebrity fashion choices on and off the red carpet are always super trendy and extra shocking. Some choices steal the spotlight, while others, well, you can’t help but laugh…

Los MTV Video Music Awards son los premios más divertidos para los televidentes. Son siempre súper controversiales, y este año no fue excepción. En un evento en el que todo se permite, los atuendos de las celebridades dentro y fuera de la alfombra roja siempre están al último grito de la moda y son extra extravagantes. Algunas opciones acaparan las miradas, mientras otras, terminan siendo el hazmerreir de la noche. 

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New Music! I’m obsessed with this song

Good day! Just sharing some music with my fellow readers. I can’t get enough of this song by New Zeland singer-songwriter Lorde. Add it to your playlist. 🙂

¡Buen día! Yo aquí compartiendo buena música con mis queridos lectores. Estoy obsesionada con esta canción de Lorde, una cantautora de Nueva Zelanda que va lanzando su carrera. ¡Está padrísima! Añádanla a su playlist. 🙂

So what is it that I’m always too busy to blog?


I haven’t blogged much lately, and I haven’t really talked about my famous “adventures around the world.” For the past ten years, I have dedicated my life to traveling and living abroad. Not including all the traveling I have done with my parents. This is me, on my own, my own will and my own money, just adventuring.

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Happy First Birthday to getLoWorld! ♥


Wow! It has been a year since I started this personal project!

Lots has changed since then, but I’m still learning and growing in this wonderful world of bloggers. It requires lots of effort, time and dedication, but having a space where you can freely express your mind is priceless. I’m still trying to juggle my daytime job, with my freelance blogging, my personal blog, the gym AND my personal life all at the same time, LOL. Oh! And soon I’m adding “columnist” to my resume, to top that off! (Sorry, had to brag about that ;))

So, to all other bloggers out there in the world, I salute you!

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Lorena ♥