About me

I’m a Mexican writer currently living in San Francisco. I’m obsessed with fashion, beauty, art, and traveling. I’m a romantic at heart, so I quit my job as a fashion magazine editor and left my hometown to finally be in the same city with my boyfriend, after a 5-year long-distance relationship. These are my adventures.





4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi, This is not a comment related to your lovely blog but an apology for failing to respond to your kind nomination for an award a while back.
    I’m really sorry that I’ve totally failed to respond to the whole series of blogger nominations I’ve received over the last few weeks. I have felt deeply honored by the attention and kind words that so many have passed on to me. I’m afraid that I do not cope well with responding to this type of situation.

    Because I’ve built up such a backlog, I’m going to respond to everyone in one post. I’m afraid that I am not passing on the nominations as one is supposed to but I am hope this response is OK for now. I promise to try to respond better If I am in this situation again. Thank you very much to everyone for following and commenting on my blog!


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