Outfit of the day for Disneyland (I hardly ever post these things, but here it goes!)


What to wear for Disneyland in January? That was my first search on Google after I realized I had no idea what to pack. I know L.A. weather changes constantly, and I’m used to getting dressed for Summer.

  • My search led me to some interesting blog posts that recommended:
  • No flip-flops (may lose one on a ride, and not that comfortable if you consider you walk A LOT in Disneyland)
  • No jeans (if you happen to get wet on a game, denim takes longer to dry)
  • Yes to leggings (very comfy)
  • Yes to layering (it can get warm and suddenly windy and cold and then back to warm…)
  • Yes to comfortable shoes (again, walking all day)
  • No to dresses, camis or anything that could end up showing more than you want

So I decided to wear a lose, comfortable blouse, jeggings (i hate that word), boots and a cardigan, with a practical purse and a leather jacket, just in case. Little did I notice, until I was actually at the park wearing my Minnie Mouse sequin headband that my outfit resembled that of *drum roll* Minnie Mouse! Anyways, the clothes I chose were super comfy and perfect for the weather.


  • Blouse: Juicy Couture
  • Jeggings: Calvin Klein
  • Cardigan: 2b Bebe
  • Boots: Just Fab
  • Messenger bag: Tous
  • Sunglasses: Michael Kors
  • Necklace: Juicy Couture
  • Jacket: Vintage
  • Mouse ears: Purchased at the park

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