Mix and match your mani and pedi with Models Own

Bubblegum - Ice Neon

Matching your the nail color on your manicure to the one on your pedicure can be a drag sometimes. There’s no rule that says both HAVE to be the same color, but it sure looks much nicer when each color complements each other. Besides, a colorful combination is a much more modern look and it can help you showcase your personality and style. Here are a few tips on mixing and matching shades for your digits and toesies with the different color collections of Models Own nail polishes.

Combinar el color de tu manicure y tu pedicure puede llegar a ser agobiante. No existe ninguna regla que diga que ambos TIENEN que ser del mismo color, pero no existe ninguna duda de que lucen mucho mejor cuando los tonos se complementan. Aparte, una combinación de colores luce mucho más moderna y refleja tu personalidad y estilo. Presentamos algunos tips para combinar los tonos de esmalte para tus manos y pies con las diferentes líneas de color de Models Own.

  • Combo #1

Manicure: Becca’s Brown

Becca's Brown

Pedicure: Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue Polish

  • Combo #2

Manicure: Blooboo


Pedicure: Lilac Dreams

Lilac Dream Polish

  • Combo #3

Manicure: Pukka Purple

Pukka Purple - Ice Neon

Pedicure: Sophie’s Pink

Sophies Pink Polish

  • Combo #4

Manicure: Foxy Fuchsia

Foxy Fushia Polish

Pedicure: Green Tea

Green Tea Polish

  • Comb0 #5

Manicure: Nude Beige

Nude Beige Polish

Pedicure: Bubblegum

Bubblegum - Ice Neon

  • Combo #6

Manicure: Purple Ash

Purple Ash

Pedicure: Grape Juice

Grape Juice - Fruit Pastel

  • Combo #7

Manicure: Red Alert

Red Alert Polish

Pedicure: Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine Polish

  • Combo #8

Manicure: Peach Sherbert

Peach Sherbert Polish

Pedicure: Jade Stone

Jade Stone Polish

  • Combo #9

Manicure: Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue

Pedicure: Raspberry Crush

Rasberry Crush Polish

  • Combo #10

Manicure: Hedonist


Pedicure: Coral Reef

Coral Reef Polish copy

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