Retail therapy –


Hello. My name is Lorena and I’m a shoppaholic.

I decided to finally give a try to that “sounds-too-good-to-be-true” online shoe club JustFab where you just pay $39.90 for a pair a month. I bought a pair of “Sebastian” boots and “Jacinda” nude heels with an amazing discount (not kidding, I paid about $34 for both of them and a subscription to Cosmopolitan en Español). I’m not only super excited about the price, I’m super happy about the product I received.


The boots are very comfortable (I have duck feet, no arch at all… I struggle with shoes) and I got tons of compliments at the office. They’re higher than what I thought they would be (the hit right under the knee) but they look pretty cool. I haven’t worn the heels yet but they are much more beautiful than on the website image (the heel and the peep toe are rose gold). They fit very well, I just went for my regular 8 1/2 without checking any measurements.

Will post photos wearing them eventually. LOL!

But yes, if you were thinking about suscribing to, I say go for it.


A satisfied customer 😉

P.S. And for those who love Paulina Rubio (I personally don’t, but, oh well!) she has her own shoe collection for JustFab. I must admit I do like her fashion choices.


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