Thierry Mugler’s Source is a great example of chic and green!


I love it when fashion, beauty and luxury make efforts to go green (how in the world can I link the words luxury and green, I ask myself. Oh, well! They made an effort!) Thierry Mugler is presenting a clever strategy in lowering costs and therefore, prices for their customers. How? With a great addition to their already popular refillable flacons. Thierry Mugler’s Source is a perfume fountain that allows customers to refill their empty perfume bottles with four of the company’s most popular perfumes: Angel, Alien, Womanity and Angel Eau de Toilette.

Source can be found at the moment in over 2000 fine department stores in France where Thierry Mugler perfumes are sold. Smaller Source refilling stations can be found in the U.S. in stores like Ulta Beauty, dispensing Angel and Alien only. Now filling up your empty bottle of Angel can save you up to $30 and even more, and at the same time, you are helping the enviroment by reducing materials (dematerialization) and saving energy and non-renewable resources used in the production of flacons and packaging. Yay for sustainability!


The company will push the strategy in April this year by putting empty perfume bottles on shelves instead of pre-filled bottles.




Angel Eau de Toilette






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