Louis Vuitton’s new LockIt Collection


Want something a little more “now” for Valentine’s? Louis Vuitton has launched a fabulous fine jewellery collection for 2013. The LV Lockit is a 15-piece collection inspired on a romantinc legend that says that in order to have their love sealed forever, couples must attach a padlock to a bridge and throw the keys into the water. This is very popular in Paris, at the Pont des Arts Bridge over the Sienna. (Much more romantic than getting engaged under the Eiffel Tower, I say! 🙂 )


(picture taken from dailytravelphotos.com)

Eighteen carat yellow, rose and grey gold were used to create the bracelets, pendants and rings in the collection. The trademark padlock, also seen in LV’s fall 2011 runway collection, is inscribed with the ubiquitous LV logo. If you like bling and you’re willing to spend a little more, some of the pieces are bejeweled with beautiful double bands of pavé diamonds. While some of the padlocks serve as pure ornament, the one’s in the bracelets are beautiful clasps.

The collection is available at Louis Vuitton worldwide and it was launched just in time for Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air! ♥

Take a look:



2 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton’s new LockIt Collection

  1. I went to Paris in ’03 and I didn’t know about this legend at that time, so I have a vague memory of the bridge with lots of locks, LOL I would’ve paid more attention if I had known about it.


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