Spotlight on: Evian’s limited edition water bottle by DVF


Evian, the French premium natural mineral water brand creates a special edition bottle each year, collaborating with some of fashion’s most important names such as Christian Lacroix, Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith,Courrèges, among others. This year, they teamed up with iconic Diane Von Furstenberg, the first American and female fashion designer, to create their 2013 limited edition water bottle.

Furstenberg’s collaboration is a representation of her brand’s mind set, a very young-at-heart and inspiring perspective of life. The 750 ml limited-edition bottle features DVF’s logo in red and a mantra, handwritten by Ms. Furstenberg herself, which reads “Water is life is love is life is water…”. The entire bottle was printed using organic ink and made with 100% recyclable packaging. These bottles are priced at $8 each, or $50 for the dozen.


Evian’s premium natural mineral water in each limited edition bottle is filled with H2O that took more than fifteen years to filter through mineral rich glacial sands from the French Alps. The original “Special Occasion bottle” is described by the brand as “one simple, modern and elegant glass bottle design in ideal 750mL (1.58 PT) (dinner for 2) and 330mL (11.2 FL OZ) (individual consumption) to enhance fine dining experiences.”

Marketing info aside, bottled water is the most unsustainable thing on Earth, although Evian claims they do have an environmental program, under the name of Evian Protection Water Institute. It’s purpose is to make sure “everyone has enough clean water to drink, today and tomorrow.”

But… damn that bottle is cute! I work in marketing so I’m easy to fall for these strategies, I should know better… Let’s just try to keep our consumption of bottle water to the minimum necessary. 🙂



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