No more cliché resolutions for 2013


Forget the typical resolutions one makes after each New Year’s Eve kiss. Forget the boring “I will join a gym” or “I will lose weight” or “I’ll quit smoking”.

Don’t get me wrong, those are all positive resolutions, but this year, let’s make things a little different. I just read an email my mom sent me two weeks ago (sorry, mom!) and I wanted to share it with my dear followers. It’s originally in Spanish with a lot of Mexican humor, so I’ll translate it and try to put it in a melting pot so y’all can relate to it.

So, in a nutshell, here are the 10 Commandments for a happy life according to a Mexican grandma:

  1. Be thankful for everything. Don’t complain, thank God you are alive.
  2. When you can eat, eat; when you can sleep, sleep; when you can work, work; and if you are still able to, have a few drinks, play domino, make love, sing in the shower and thank God you’re still healthy. Don’t complain, don’t ask yourself “what if…?”.
  3. If you can’t sleep at night, get up and do something productive: organize a drawer, iron your clothes for tomorrow, read a book, but do something! Because if you don’t, you will just lay there and think a bunch of stupid things, and then you get up and do them, which is worse!
  4. Don’t try to fix all those world problems you hear in the news, you most likely barely understand them. Let those who can do something about them fix them, and take care of the problems YOU can actually do something about and screw everything else. Change starts with you.  
  5. If someone gives you something, take it, whatever it is. A smack in the face, a kiss, or anything regardless of how insignificant it is, take it.
  6. But never take anything that is not yours! Someone else’s bicycle, a piece of gum, a handbag, money, husband or lover, respect what does not belong to you. Everyone gets that they deserve.
  7. Whatever you do, do it with happiness and put all your effort in it; do it well or don’t do it at all. Forget nonsense and envies.
  8. Stay away from mean bitches and stupid people. Analyze them, learn their traits and never be like them. Never talk behind someone’s back, be proud but not arrogant, be humble, but don’t let people take advantage of you, be brave, but prudent. Smile when you win and don’t be a sore loser, and when you do lose, cry if you want to.
  9. Don’t worry about things you don’t have and can’t afford. Think about how many wealthy people are unhappy, sick in a hospital, in jail, scared or insecure. You have your family and friends and health. What more could you need?
  10. Screw death! Don’t worry about it; let her worry for not being able to take you with her!

And last but not least:



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