Sorry for being M.I.A. …. :(

Lo has been absent for the past few months and wants to apologize. My life gave a huge 180° turn (if that is even possible!) the last four months and it’s been hard to keep on track with my posts! Left beautiful San Francisco and moved back home to Mexico and had a hard time settling in. But when one has a positive attitude towards life and a good support system, everything turns back to positive in no time, and a month ago, I found an amazing job as the head of marketing for a local newspaper, and I continued to collaborate on the side with my old job.

And as if getting back to a stable job in media and freelancing for magazines wasn’t good enough, a great guy appeared in my life and everything just clicked. I’m extremely happy growing professionally, surrounded with my closest friends on the side, and a cute guy by my side like a cherry on top! The only downside? No time for getLoWorld!

Once things at work calm down a little at work (October, November, and December are the busiest months, event-wise) I will have much more time to dedicate to this personal project of mine that I love so much. I do promise to post as much as possible, even during lunch breaks. 😉

Right now I leave you with some of my fashion styling work I’ve been doing for Be Live Magazine, which you should definitely check out! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and on my Facebook Page!


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