NARS & Andy Warhol Pop Collection for Holiday 2012

Talk about awesome collaborations! NARS creating a huge line of products inspired by the life and work of the late Andy Warhol. This colorful and unique collection of Holiday colors for this 2012 is NARS’s biggest ever, and, as if it wouldn’t be obvious, its name is Pop.

The NARS and Sephora Go Bold, Bright and Pop With Andy Warhol is a set of three eye shadow palettes featuring variations of Flowers, a painting by Warhol from 1965. All the palettes have a beautiful background of gray lavender and black overspray eye shadow complemented but with different tones. Flowers 1 is a palette of white, brown rose, dark lavender and gold, while Flowers 2 has a white and a heather blue eye shadow and Flowers 3 is a mix of white, pink champagne and dark brown.




And then there’s the Debbie Harry Eye & Cheek Palette, my personal favorite item from the collection. It includes eye shadows in White Shimmer, Sparkling Turquoise, Starry Black and Twinkling Purple. The blush comes in Brilliant Cream and Shimmering Pink Champagne. Both eye shadows and blushes are made with glitter and Diamond Powder, which is made of real micronized diamonds.


The Kiss Gift Set Larger Than Life Lip Gloss was inspired by some of the paintings Mr. Warhol made of ordinary objects, like his famous 38 Cambpell’s Soups, flowers or lips, all featured in bright, electric colors. The set includes a soup can that contains four lip glosses in the following tones: Silver Factory (a glittery silver), Drella (an ultra-sheer hot pink), Chelsea Girls (a gorgeous beige), Blue Movie (a pink sherbet) and Myths (a rosy pink).


And finally, the Walk on the Wild Side Gift Set includes the Silver Factory Illuminator, It Nail Polish (a gorgous black violet) and Orgasm Larger Than Life Lip Gloss (in NARS’s famous peachy pink tone).


Told you it was a huge collection. I’m pretty sure any red-blooded woman got excited by reading about all this colorful products, so for the guys out there reading or anyone who is already planning ahead for Christmas, this IS a great gift. I say I want all four sets!

The NARS & Andy Warhol Pop Collection will be available at Sephora and starting October 1st.


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