Fashion essentials: Basic Pieces for Every Closet

One usually wonders what the fashion essentials one should have in the closet. Jeans and a white T-shirt? A pair of black Chucks? Yes, those would go on any girl’s list of every-day basics. Honestly, what you consider as your wardrobe basics depends on your personal style. Still, I found a really nice pin that made me evaluate what I would consider to be my personal fashion essentials, so I decided to make my own pin, not only thinking about my style but also thinking a little bit on what an average girl like me would wear.

So, if you are considering spending some cash on retail therapy, my advice is always to save on the trends and invest on good basics. Here are the can’t-live-without items that should be in every closet:
Fashion Basics
Regarding outerwear, we all need a cute cardigan in any color (I chose coral because I actually own one and I wear it with everything), a jean jacket (very right now) and a black blazer. These three will get you through the cold season, unless you live in Boston, then you need more layers. ūüėČ
I love cute, colorful tops, but I do understand that a white tailored shirt goes with everything. Don’t forget tank tops for layering or as a great clean canvas for statement necklaces or other accessories. And every girl needs a statement T-shirt she could wear with sweat pants or with cool jeans and pumps. I personally like band T-Shirts.
Basic blue jeans are a no-brainer, I can’t live without my skinnies, but you should work with the cut that fits your body best, and black pants are ideal for work or any formal occasion. And of course, the LBD is a must! I cannot live without my summer dresses; they are my go-to option when want to feel comfortable and cute. ūüôā
I cannot life without my huge purses, one in black and one in brown. I can’t afford an LV right now, but it would be a great addition to my purse closet since that cute monogram goes with everything, frankly. Choose the purse size according to what is more practical for you. I carry EVERYTHING, so I need huge handbags.
Belts are easy, one in black and one in brown. The width of the belt depends on your frame, choose wisely! And regarding shoes, flats in a neutral shade, like gray, to go with everything. You cannot live without black pumps, obviously, and a pair of cute sandals for the warm weather or beach days. I am not a huge fan of high heels, so I like my boots flat, since I wear them for walking!
If you are considering a closet re-vamp, these items are a great idea to start from. They never go out of style, so you can’t go wrong. They are the base of your closet, so once you include all these, spend some extra $$$ on trendier clothing items. Shop away!

Warehouse black maxi dress

Valentino spaghetti strap tank top

Splendid top

James Perse slim fit shirt

Warehouse tuxedo blazer

Black wide leg pants

BP. braided sandals

Louis Vuitton satchel handbag

Pieces slim belt

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