Look of the day: Pastel Jeans

Colored jeans are everywhere these days and I have to admit I love them. Yes, at first, I wasn’t a believer, but now, I believe! They are tricky, but done right, they are a great alternative to your basic (yet can´t-live-without) blue jeans. The trick? Keep the other elements in your outfit simple.

You guys know who much I like dusty pink, so my first reaction when I thought of colored jeans was to find a pair in that tone! I love pastels, so I decided to pair them with a ruffled shirt with blue stripes. It looked more nautical at first, but after mixing and matching, I liked it more with pink than with red. Its shape flatters every body type, since it cinches on the waist, lets loose on the hips and adds a little volume to the chest with those cute ruffles.

As I said, keep accessories simple. Don’t clash. I chose a pair of cute white platform sandals with a cork heel, water-pearl bracelets, small earrings and my beloved Deux Lux purse in soft beige. Cute, simple and lots of compliments! 🙂


  • Shirt: Forever 21
  • Colored Jeans: Forever 21
  • Shoes: bought at a local boutique
  • Handbag: Deux Lux
  • Shades: Ray-Ban
  • Earrings: Forever 21
  • Bracelets: by me

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