Bachelorette Ideas: You’re getting married, let’s party!


So one of my favorite things to do in life is plan my friends’ bachelorette parties. Yes, I love the wedding stuff, and the showers, etc. But what gets me excited about my friends getting married? The bachelorette party. I considered I’ve done a really good job in the past, especially since the brides have always ended passing out and laughing about our shenanigans the day after.

Well, there’s another big one coming soon and we’re celebrating in Vegas, and of course, I’m the one organizing, so I’m relying in my addiction to Pinterest and the help of my friends and followers to get my creativity flowing.

Here are some of great pins for activities and party favors you can repin if you follow my board on Pinterest:

– Awesome for the morning after, before breakfast:


– Great idea for the invitation: What to take to the party/trip:


– Cute straws! Instead of using the infamous-penis shaped ones (which I bought for a previous party and still own, LOL):


– Pre-game ideas! Before leaving the hotel room and heading to the club:


– I like this tank top. Very different from the usual “Bachelorette” or “Buy me a beer, I’m getting married” t-shirt.


– You cannot forget the sash and tiara, of course!


Those are some of my ideas, so any suggestions are welcome. Make them cute and not too raunchy, and of course, lots of fun!

Here are some pictures of the bachelorette parties I threw for my friends or helped organize:

– Double Bachelorette: brides-to-be in white, the other girls in black.


– At the beach: bride-to-be had to wear a pink fro and tiara while everyone else wore pink mouse tiara.


– Bunnies: Black bunnies, only the bride to be was white.


– Hawaiian-themed shower: lots of food, margaritas, cupcakes and $$$ for the future bride.


– Cleaning utensils shower: themed cupcakes and lots of gifts for the future Cinderella.



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