What to wear with Balenciaga’s Work Dots Sorbet Handbag

Dressing around an accessory. That’s something that has happened to everyone. You go get some retail therapy, you treat yourself to an amazing handbag and, of course, you want to wear it right away. So let’s say, that newest purchase that’s got you all giddy is something like Balenciaga‘s new Work Dots Sorbet Handbag. A hot pink handbag. What can you wear it with?
Let’s skip the punky inspiration that hot pink only goes with black. I love to mix brights together, like hot pink and turquoise, so lets make his an excuse to break into your colored jeans (which we will be talking more about soon) and match your colorfulness with your basics in neutrals like white, beige and metals. Easy right? Top it off with a “Hit Me Down Sonny” attitude and picture yourself walking on a fashion runway through the songs intro. Killer style.
What to wear with...

Joie top

Super skinny jeans
$31 – owntherunway.com

Alexandre Birman platform shoes
$545 – brownsfashion.com

Gorjana stud earrings

Straw hat

NARS Cosmetics lip gloss


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