Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy Eau Florale


It seems that the most fashionable thing to do nowadays for design houses is to revamp and bring back to life their classics. This time, Givenchy launches another special edition of its perfume Eaudemoiselle, its 2012 version called Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy Eau Florale.

The new, ultra-feminine, floral fragrance notes has refreshing notes of pink grapefruit, pear, wild rose, watery jasmine, blonde woods and musk. The scent was inspired by Japanese wild roses. Pretty!

The elegant Eaudemoiselle was first launched in 2010 and this is the second time Givenchy launches modified versions of it, the first one being Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy Eau Fraiche. The 2012 version follows the same bottle design but now with a pink colored fragrance, and will be available in 50ml Eau de Toilette.


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