For men: Cartier Declaration d’ Un Soir


There’s nothing better than a man that smells good. Cartier is known for their elegant and masculine fragrances for men, and has just decided to revamp their classic perfumes and make them modern and appealing to the newer generations. One of their fragrances getting a makeover is their Cartier Declaration, first launched in 1998. Not necessarily made over, since they are sticking to the classic characteristics that made their fragrances so popular, but just giving them a new twist. So out comes the new Cartier Declaration d’ Un Soir, which will be out in stores in October 2012.

The new Declaration is a more modern interpretation of the original, faithful to the cold spices but boosted with cardamom, pepper, cumin, nutmeg, rose and sandalwood. According to the mind behind Declaration d’ Un Soir, Mathilde Laurent, this scent will make men be more outspoken and wanting to speak their mind. That’s a very convincing argument for me! I might get one for my man. 😉


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