Cute colors for your mani/pedi

Top Ten nail polish shades for this summer

For your next mani and pedi, I present the ten biggest trends on nail polish shades for this summer! The only common denominator here is the bright colors, but we have neons, pastels, metallics, and some very unexpected hues. The trick is to keep your nails short and chic, unless you are all into the spiky manicure, then go against the trend! Whatever you decide, it’s all about having fun!

1. Bright purple looks great on all skin tones.

2.  Aqua is everywhere this season, especially in accessories. Choose a darker tone if you have light to medium skin, or a lighter shade of aqua if you have darker skin. I promise it will pop!

3. Bubble gum pink was everyone’s favorite color when we were little. Why not bring back those Barbie memories on our nails? Besides, a bright pink always makes you stand out from the crowd in a very, very positive way.

4. Coral looks amazing on everyone. Enough said. Bam!

5. Chartreuse is huge this season, but it can be very hard to wear, especially if you’re color shy. Why not add a small touch of this bright green shade on your pedi?

6. I find orange to be a very hard shade to wear, especially if it is this sherbert-y. It’s a little tricky for fair skin, so choose a deeper orange if you feel washed out.

7. Yellow! Reminds me of sunshine and happy faces. This shade would definitely make you smile every time you got a glimpse of your pretty hands/toes.

8. One of my favorite colors, mint green is a great neutral with this season’s fashions. Don’t worry if you think it’s a little too pale for your light skin, you look so soft and pretty! Same thing for darker skin tones. Lovely!

9. Remember that post about Chanel’s summer nail colors that were completely opposite to the neons everywhere? Once again, the brand manages to make a huge statement and set a trend on nail polishes. Bronze flatters every skin tone, and remember, metallics work great as neutrals.

10. Last week I posted about dusty pink. Add this beautiful pink to that. It’s a classic shade for your nails, and for a good reason. You can never go wrong in this ultra feminine color.


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