Spotlight on: VS Pro Makeup

You might be super busy right now digging through your nearest Victoria’s Secret store, trying to get their best deals from their semi annual sale, but I will distract you for a bit so you can check out their professional makeup line.

This line was inspired by the artistry seen backstage at fashion shows, from the expertise of renowned makeup artists. The line has been around for a few years, but they keep adding newies to the oldies but goodies. Here are three of them:


The Airbrush FX Bronzing Primer helps you be camera-ready, any time of the day. Apply it before makeup, to perfect skin and make your makeup last all day. This formula is oil-free and also gives you a sheer bronze glow. You can also use it on its own, with no need to add any kind of powder or foundation over it.


The Flawless FX Translucent Finishing Powder is weightless and makes skin look super luminous. It also helps set the makeup and keep it perfect during the day.


The Light FX Eye-Brightening Pen works as a highlighter with Diamond Powder to help you look awake when you didn’t get enough beauty sleep. It helps conceal dark shadows and helps you hide those little fine lines. Use it on the under eye, on brow bone, or on the inner or outer corner of eyes.

Anything that makes you feel and look like a VS Angel is always welcome in the makeup case, right?



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