Spotlight on Charlotte Olympia: Cat Eye Sunglasses

I’ve been liking her designs so much, I thought she deserved a second post about her, featuring her new collaboration with Linda Farrow. The British it-girl just launched the most adorable, oversized, clear acetate, cat-eyed sunglasses in three different colors: Peach, Red Feathers, and Black Feather. Cool feature? The arms of the shades were designed to look like a woman’s legs!

So today, we focus on these shades and we make them the focal point of our styling. These babies would look amazing with Charlotte Olympia Pandora Feather Clutch and Daryl Suede Shoes, Juicy Couture Back Zip Red Knitted Dress With Back Zipper, Lord & Taylor Drop Earrings in 14 Kt. yellow gold and Ettika Gold Colored Adjustable Ring. I love how the neutrals (metallics work as neutrals, too ;)) blend perfectly and then pop with the bright red, but never overshadowed by it. The sunglasses are very retro, so try to keep the other pieces classic and update, so that you don’t look costume-y.

I am cat lady now, meow!

Charlotte Olympia Cat Eye



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