Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but florals are everywhere. Everywhere! They are adorable and super feminine, but the 2012 take is a little bit more edgy, a little less “this looks like something your grandma would wear.”

Although they are pretty easy to wear, here are some Dos and Dont’s, from MY fashion bible, Glamour Magazine (check out their July issue with Julianne Hough on the cover):

1. Do tailor your outfits. They should fit you perfectly, or else you could look frumpy.

2. Keep it simple. They mark some celebrity (I can’t tell who she is) with a huge DON’T because she paired her cute floral dress with cowboy boots. Yikes! Pumps or flats in one hue work better.

3. Mini florals are especially tricky. You don’t want to look childish or frumpy, so pair with something sexy AND, one more time, make sure it fits you.

4. Don’t do florals all over. Mix with a minimalist items or simple patterns.

5. And if you’re doing big florals, be careful! In their words: “Don’t do a big print on a big dress. Big Mistake.”

Wise girls! 😉


Click on the images for details.

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