Monica Bellucci’s Dolce & Gabbana Lipsticks


This is, no room for any doubt, a collection that’s all about Italian beauty, Monica Bellucci. Every lipstick is named after her: “Chic Monica,” “Magnetic Monica,” “Attractive Monica,” “Only Monica.” I would like to hear my name repeated endlessly with an incredibly positive adjective before it, too.


The collection includes six colors:

Magnetic Monica: a refined, plum stain that attracts a fun loving woman who is always in command.

Only Monica: a candy pink shade with a touch of almond. Very feminine.

Natural Monica: a creamy taupe that works great as a neutral. For the effortlessly classic lady.

Italian Monica: a chili pepper red that’s very flirtatious and very Italian.

Chic Monica, a velvety rose petal pink. Sophisticated.

Attractive Monica: this is the color that Monica wears in the advertisement. A very rich, red. Spellbinding and very kissable.

The distinct sensual and powerful personality of both Bellucci and Dolce and Gabbana is reflected in each and every tube of lip color. Expect a luscious, plumping effect in rich, feminine colors. The classic gold package shows the muse’s signature in bright scarlet. Lipsticks are available at $35 US Dollars each.



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