My take on the mullet skirt #1

I love how fashion is so quick to change its mind. A few seasons ago, maybe even last season, a mullet skirt would’ve been a no-no, reminiscent of the beginning of the 2000’s angular skirts, or even those that had zig-zag hemlines. Now, the mullet skirt is everywhere.

It works because it has a much fresher vibe, with all the pastels and neons and soft, silky materials used in their design. In my mind, the mullet skirt can be worn to a special event, one that’s a little more elegant, when paired with high pumps and an elegant chained clutch. I love this Rare London Sheer Chiffon sleeveless dress in a light, teal blue, paired with AX Paris Cream Faux Suede Platform Shoe and this Rebecca Minkoff Perf Mini Affair shoulder bag.

The messy headband braid gives the whole classy look a little bit of edge without losing its elegance.

The Mullet Dress 1


2 thoughts on “My take on the mullet skirt #1

  1. Loving this mint trend right now! And what a pretty little white handbag you chose for this look… I’m still on the fence about the mullet skirt though, very few people and looks with it I have actually liked, most of them are a nay for me =s


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