Looks so yummy I had to share with my readers 🙂

nade in the kitchen

I spent the weekend in Vienna once again (it has become my second home) and it once again were unforgettable days. I love the city, love the people, love the food. Ok, the first time we went for lunch out was a bit of a joke because it took us some fourty minutes to find  a restaurant that wasn’t closed due to holiday (although it wasn’t even a holiday that day!). But the salad I ate in the restaurant we ended up in was very good. In the evening we cooked this risotto and made some “Apfelstrudel”, an Austrian speciality. (Terrible combination of countries, but who cares?).

The next day we went to a nice, cozy, restaurant and stayed there for half the day. I’m thinking of starting to also blog about good restaurants I went to. There are so many good places nobody knows about. Why not spread the word? I can…

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