Interesting Places: The Grove on Fillmore (Lower Pac Heights)

This is one of my favorite places, and I’m there at least once a week for their loose-leaf teas (mint and jasmine is my fave). The place has an incredible ambiance (it has a lodge-y vibe, decorated with cow-boyish elements, a big couch in front of a fire place, big windows and lots of sun) and is great for outdoor brunch (they have seating outside). Breakfast is served after four, which is very convenient for over-sleepers, like me. They also close their kitchen later than most restaurants.

You can always find people sitting around a big wooden table working on their laptops, so I’m considering it an option to start blogging from there (sorry, Starbucks, I still love you!).

Food recommendations: their chicken pot pie is the best, same thing with their loose-leaf teas, their Turkey Club sandwich is dee-lish, and I love their coffees and cakes.  The pies are a little over rated and I still have to eat one of their cookies. Mac and Cheese is OK, but to be honest, I like it better from a box. 😉

Ok, so one of my friends (you know who you are, you! LOL) is insisting that I start posting about my outfits. I feel a little shy still, so I mix a little bit of outfit info on this post! 😛

I like mixing warm browns and other warm tones, and I hate being matchy-matchy, so I paired a long tunic shirt from Forever 21 in soft pink with Forever 21 leggings and my fave Aldo boots. Since the color of the boot is a reddish brown, I love to match it with this much darker reddish brown leather jacket that used to belong to my grandmother (she was so stylish!) and my Deux Lux purse in soft beige. The necklace is from Forever 21 and the earrings and bracelet were made by moi. To me this is perfect for lunch with the girlfriends, or boyfriend in this case.

This is the apple walnut salad my boyfriend ordered. It’s yummy.

My turkey club sandwich was super good! I loved it!

Decaf cappuccino and carrot cake for dessert:

If you want more info on The Grove on Fillmore St, click here.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Places: The Grove on Fillmore (Lower Pac Heights)

  1. looooved the outfit!! i have a pair of boots extremely similar to yours, how funny! the restaurant looks like my kinda place too, sooo dying to come visit!!

    don’t forget to keep checking my blog:

    thanks for your support and encouragement, you are such a great friend!!


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