Hello Kitty & Vans 2.0

For those who know me, you know I have the biggest obsession with this cat. There! I said it out loud, for everyone to read! I am 29 and if I could live in the Hello Kitty mansion (there is one, go to http://freshome.com/2009/06/25/hello-kitty-house-in-shanghai/) I would.

Problem is, it’s kind of hard to look professional and age appropriate when you are wearing/writing/baking/eating anything with a white cat wearing a pink bow on her head. So I am very excited about the new collection Hello Kitty and Vans created. It is cute but it still has that edgier, skater vibe, and can be worn on a more casual day with jeans and a hoodie.

Last year’s sneaker collection with Sanrio’s main character was quite successful, so now they added T-shirts, backpacks, belts, and socks.Their prices go from $13.50 (socks) to $65 (high-top sneakers).

Everyone should be able to indulge in their guilty pleasures every once in a while, so go on! Go bonkers on Hello Kitty & Vans. (I already let out a few shrieks while going through their products, to my boyfriend’s dismay LOL.)

Shop the collection

(these are my fave :D)

(and this! look how cute! her ears pop out! :D)


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