Sightseeing: Alamo Square

English: Painted Ladies, Alamo Square, San Fra...
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We live a few blocks away from Alamo Square, a beautiful park in San Francisco that is also home for one of the most photographed landmarks in town,  four Victorian houses called “The Painted Ladies“. You might remember these very beautiful and quaint houses from landmark photos of San Francisco or TV shows like Full House, etc. The park is quite big, has lots of trees and a hills, and a playground and a tennis court.

Well, we have been having really nice, sunny days in San Fran, so yesterday we decided to have a picnic on the hills of Alamo Square. We packed our recyclable paper bags from the grocery store with some sandwiches, cherries, cheese and some yummy blueberry beer, put our iPod, speakers, and two blankets in our backpacks and off we went. The day was beautiful and a lot of people were enjoying it, lots of them tourists, taking pictures of themselves in front of the Painted Ladies, while others were just enjoying the view.

If you ever visit San Fran, you definitely have to make some space in your schedule in one of the parks around town. I do recommend Alamo Square because of the view (you can see some of the tall buildings downtown, and from the top of the hill, you can see the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge) and the atmosphere (tourists taking funny pictures of themselves in front of the Ladies, locals relaxing on the grass or playing with their dogs, etc.). Just a great option to spend the day, altogether.

Oh, and if you start dreaming how much these famous Victorians cost and start imagining your life in there, I just read in Wikipedia that one of them was put for sale for $3,999,999… in 2010… yikes!

These are some of the photos I took, just for kicks… they’re not exactly great, but you can see we were definitely enjoying ourselves. 🙂

Nice 🙂

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