Cool murals in San Francisco

My friend came to visit me last weekend and I had a chance to walk around town and discover new places and random forms of street art that I love. Here are some photos of the most interesting street murals we saw while sightseeing in San Fran. 🙂

This one was by far my favorite. We found this in a little alley at the very end of Chinatown, right next to Vesubio Cafe (which is very colorful, too):

This one was right in front of the mural with the Bay Bridge. We are Mexican, so we really appreciated it, although we were still in elementary school when the Chiapas movement started:

Right outside Chinatown. I like their sense of humor:

In Haight & Ashbury. I had already taken a picture here back in 2010, but I had to do it again:

At Haight & Ashbury again:

And one more at Haight & Ashbury. Need to update that one and add Amy Winehouse:

I’m still on a mission to find more street art, so if you have any recommendations, please comment. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cool murals in San Francisco

  1. Hi there! these are really colourful. Great to see. You might enjoy looking at Little bits of sheffield – his blog is graffiti in Sheffield UK but also very interesting. I will find and copy his link for you a bit later. Can’t seem to locate him (a tech-skills problem).


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