My newest purchase!

It is freezing in San Francisco! I really miss the scorching hot weather back home, but I’m here now and I’m going to have to deal with it. So what a great excuse to go shopping for winter clothes, right? Everyone knows it’s not getting any warmer so it’ll be easy to find jackets and boots everywhere, right?

NO! Every store I’ve been to is packed with sandals, shorts, skirts, flip flops, wedges… Seriously??? I didn’t bring my closet from back home because I knew a summer dress with sandals was going to be useless in the windy and foggy San Francisco weather, so why can’t I find anything to warm me up???

After two months of research, my smart self finally decided to go online instead of on site (LOL) to find a nice black pea coat (may I remind you, I’ve been wearing my boyfriend’s pea coat every time we go out and it’s HUGE on me). And I finally found it… ta-dah!


Found it at, and the name of the item is Grane Women’s Double-breasted Military Coat for $59.00, free shipping. Pretty neat, huh?

Now I have my mind set on finding me a pair of black boots, no high-heels. Wish me luck! ūüėÄ


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