Lingerie find: Lace by Shoedazzle

Image representing ShoeDazzle as depicted in C...
Image via CrunchBase

You might have seen the Shoedazzle commercial online with their spokesperson Kim Kardashian recommending their website that offers affordable shoe styles and a stylist for only $39.95, but you probably haven’t heard of their new lingerie line, Lace by Shoedazzle, that has just been launched.

I love lingerie but I always hate splurging on a piece of clothing that you’re not going to wear that many times or show it off in public, and that is actually purchased to make someone else very happy! Which at the end is a reward for you (wink*wink ;)), but you know what I mean, LOL. So when I saw their cute and sexy lingerie sets for $31.96 (usually $39.95 but I guess they’re on special right now), I just had to share this great find with my readers. 🙂

The collection is divided in Lace for Love, Body Shop, Bright Nights, French Twist, Lady Luxe, and Coquette.


Sneaky Cheeky (my fave) from the Lady Luxe collection.


Hidden Agenda, part of Lace for Love.


Red-Haute Nights, for a, um, Red-Haute Night, LOL. From the Coquette collection.


Guilty Treasures on the runway.


…and Kissing Contest.

Perfect for whatever special occasion you want to put as an excuse to some retail therapy and some sexy time. 😉

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