Beauty watch: Chanel Limited Edition Summer 2012 Nail Polishes

Chanel has new summer beauty collection coming up, and guess what? There is no sight of anything neon in it! (Oh, Chanel, always a step ahead of the pack. ;))

Their take on this year’s summer is warm and bronzy, that’s why their new collection includes three incredible nail polish shades in tones such as Island, Delight and Holiday. Island is an iridescent pinkish beige; Delight is a sparkling bronze and Holiday is a bright reddish coral. Just by describing them and thinking about the name given to these polishes I am dreaming of a basking under the sun in a Caribbean island (dare to dream!)

The formula straightens and moisturizes the nails, and the color doesn’t chip off. And of course, it looks fabulous!

This collection will be available on the counter of department stores on May 21st, so meanwhile, I’m going to go follow the trend with some very similar colors I have at home from the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection, with Fast Track (a beige tone with gold sparkle), Electrify (a mix of red, gold and iridescent glitter) and Riveting (coral red with a slight touch of golden shimmer). Love it!


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