I Love Spring!

I LOVE San Francisco, I do, but I still haven’t been able to adjust to the weather. I’m from northern Mexico, a very, VERY warm, desert zone, so any kind of weather that is not hot as hell is freezing for me!

So right now, if I was back home, I would be wearing cute, flowy dresses, sandals, and bright colors. But I’m not, so I’m usually in jeans, flats, sweaters, and my boyfriend’s huge pea coat on top of everything, and I’m still cold… Sigh! ūüôā

I Love Spring!

Dorothy Perkins vintage style dress

Miso striped dress

Chattawak orange sandals

Love Moschino red sandals

MICHAEL Michael Kors leather satchel

Brahmin handbag

Antik Batik gold bangle

Lauren Conrad pearl stud earrings

Mango aviator sunglasses

Prada sunglasses

By Terry lip gloss

Christian Dior nail lacquer

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