Dior Addict EXTREME

The prestigious make up brand, Dior, announced its new collection of lipsticks and nail polishes, and I have to say, they are so perfect for this spring-summer days!

The new lipstick is really comfortable when applied because its lightweight, makes lips look super luscious and it lasts longer than any other lipstick. The colors are vibrant and shinning. These amazing tones were created by Tyen, Artistic Director for Dior Make up director. Kate Moss was chosen as the face of the campaign because of her extreme spirit, her sense of style, and for being provocative and ultrafeminine at the same time.



The shades are Incognito, Lucky, Riviera and Plaza. The colors are very easy to wear and look great on any skin color. I’m pretty sure everyone keeps at least one of these shades in their make up bag as their go-to color, so this is just a great excuse to go shopping for an upgrade of what you already own. (wink*wink*) ūüėČ



This beige-nude shade reflects the elegance and sophistication that characterized Christian Dior. I’m so in love with nudes on my nails right now, they’re so easy to wear and match anything I don’t have to worry about changing my nail color to match my outfit.



A gorgeous hot pink with a hint of coral, a shade that can be seen anywhere this season, designed for daring women. This tone was inspired and named after one of Christian Dior’s favorite models. Her presence, charisma and personality made her an icon of elegance and success.



Extreme glamour, elegance, sophistication and luxury. Inspired by the glamour of the Parisian hotels, and my favorite color. Love this hot pink!



Inspired by the French Riviera, where Monsieur Dior liked to escape and unwind his creative spirit. I can definitely see myself wearing this shade for a trip to the beach. It would match all the colorful outfits and would contrast with the beautiful blue tones of the ocean.

I’m in love with all these colors and I can’t wait to try them on. Which is your favorite?


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