I love wine, I love Napa!

Some friends from out of town came over to visit my friend Stephanie, and since I’m in desperate need of girl-time, I was invited to join them on their day-trip to Napa.

We got there at 3 p.m., which is a little late considering all the wineries close at 5, 6 the latest, so we only had time to visit Rombauer Vineyards. Still, I am so happy we got to spend a few hours there. The place is absolutely gorgeous. The wine? Yummy good. We had a flight of 5 different wines. I learned that I like sweeter wines, like a moscato, a rosé or a riesling.

After that, we went to Solbar at the Solage Calistoga for some food, and of course, more wine! We had the sliders from the lounge menu and shared the robin’s chocolate cake. Both were delicious and the place is absolutely stunning.

It tends to get pretty cold and rainy in Napa, but we were blessed with a nice, warm and sunny day! So I picked a very comfy yet cute outfit: my bright-red Banana Republic cardigan over a white T-shirt, GAP 1969 dark blue skinny jeans, Nine West flats and my Tory Burch Amanda clutch. And stole the Ray-Bans from my boyfriend LOL.


(I was so happy I didn’t have to wear my boyfriend’s pea coat that day!)

(The delicious robin’s chocolate cake from Solbar.)

(This is the view from outside Solbar. The picture does not do it any justice, it’s much more beautiful.)

4 thoughts on “I love wine, I love Napa!

  1. Love Napa too! Next time you should try to visit one of this little quaint wineries: Ceja Winery, Robinson’s Family Winery (my favorite!), Arger-Martucci, and Hopper Creek. They’re all basicly family owned and operated, which it’s what makes them special I think. Also The Olive Press in Sonoma has some ridiculously delicious olive oil 😉


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