The Spring Every-day look

One of my favorite responsibilities as the editor of Revista Be Live was our fashion section. This month’s number is their last edition of Be Live with me as the editor, in which I suggested a casual, every-day look for spring that was super comfortable and effortless, but also stylish.

Being comfortable doesn’t have to be the equivalent of looking sloppy or undone. Our daily fashion choices reflect our personality, so it’s important to find pieces that go accordingly and that make you feel good about yourself.

For her, a colorful tunic from Aqua is a great Summer-dress option. The longer sleeves are perfect for the unpredictable Spring weather, and you can always add a cute cardigan in neutral colors. Cute sandals with embellishments look great, and these Balenciaga‘s in turquoise were my favorite to highlight the teal streaks on the dress (one of my favorite colors, as you can see). Top it off with small, every-day earings, a hippie-ish bracelet and huge calico sunglasses (brown is softer on your features than black). I chose the camel Tory Burch purse to highlight the warmer tones in the dress and avoid the matchy-matchy look. I like how mixing different metals, pearls, string, leather, etc. looks. It’s all about not being complicated, right?

For him, well, guys’ daily wardrobe usually revolves around the basics: jeans, shirt, Chucks. I personally liked this pair from Diesel, and you can never go wrong with a well-fitted plaid shirt in colors that complement your skin tone. These Converse by John Varvatos are a great alternative to the classic Converse version. Guys should never forget to wear a belt, even if it’s hidden under your shirt. I like that this one from Daniele Alessandrini matched so well with our shoe choice. What helps the outfit look pulled together? A nice watch. And the wallet option? Well, you want to pull out a nice wallet when you’re paying for your date’s Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, right? You can never go wrong with a classic Ferré wallet.



Aqua, Roberto Cavalli, Tory Burch, Boss, Michael Kors, and Converse by John Varvatos available at

Balenciaga, White Valentine, Ferré, Daniele Alessandrini, and Diesel available at

Revista Be Live is available at


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